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  • Why isn’t the sleep/wake feature working on my iPad?

    Please try the following troubleshooting options, and if you're still experience problems, contact us directly.

    1. Go to your Settings > Display & Brightness, and confirm the lock/unlock button is enabled.
    2. Turn the iPad on and off to "reboot" it.
    3. Confirm the iPad is in the case correctly (making sure you can see the camera through the camera hole on the back).

  • What type of warranty does ZUGU offer?

    We offer a 2 Year Limited Warranty on our iPad cases. To read the full policy, please visit our warranty page.

  • What's ZUGU's return policy?

    If you're not happy with your Zugu purchase and you're within the 30 day return window, no problem! Please email us at for assistance.

  • What is the best way to apply the Apple Pencil Holder/Stylus Pocket?

    For best results: Make sure the surface of your iPad case is clean and free of debris. Position the stylus holder to any non-silicone flat surface on the case (without a stylus inside pocket). Press down firmly on all areas of the holder, then place a 2-5 lbs book or similar object on top of holder for a couple hours to help the adhesive adhere properly (make sure to have the iPad inside the case during the process to prevent any warping issues).

  • How thick is a ZUGU case with the iPad in it?

    Approximately ½” thick.

  • I tried to place an order and it was declined. Why does my credit card still show a charge?

    If an order transaction was declined, the charge will show as a pending charge by your bank. Once the bank confirms the transaction was not completed, the bank will return the funds to your account. This may take up to 48 hours.

  • Is the screen of the iPad covered and protected when the case is not in use?

    Yes. When the case is closed and not in use, the screen is completely covered by the top cover of your Zugu case.

  • There are so many cases out there, why should I choose ZUGU?

    We are constantly striving for excellence, and believe our protective iPad cases prove that. Our cases are designed to provide the BEST kickstand options available, allowing you unsurpassed stability and functionality. Our iPad cases provide easy access to all cameras, ports, and speakers. Zugu guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back.

  • How do I apply my glass screen protector?

    1. Clean your iPad screen using Zeiss wipes.
    2. Wipe with microfiber towel.Gently press ‘frame guide’ on your iPad.
    3.Use the sticker tabs to remove stray dust or dirt.
    4. Remove adhesive backing from the Screen Protector and place on your iPad screen.
    5. Tap the glass and watch the magic.
    6. Smooth it out using the soft card.
    7. Lingering bubbles? Lift the closest corner and release the screen protector back down.

    You're done!